Aix was one of those places I knew little about but I inexplicably wanted to go there. However, my first experience of it was accidentally going the wrong way down a one way street while trying to find a parking station, so not a great start! I found parking eventually (and didn't make that mistake again!), and head out. 

I bought tickets to go into the Caumont Art Centre. I wanted to go there because the interiors looked pretty, but it turned out that there were only 3 rooms in their original state, as the rest of them were being used for a Turner exhibition. Since I don't really like Turner, and I couldn't understand the French descriptions anyway, I was left rather disappointed. 

Aix itself was bustling - there were markets everywhere! There were also some lovely boulangeries, so I bought a sandwich and a raspberry tart. I found a pretty little garden and had my lunch there.