Being in the National Trust definitely has its advantages. It means that you can easily find out about really interesting places to visit across the UK, and it definitely helps me in planning road trips - I just hop from one place to the next! 

After visiting Stanage Edge and Lyme Park, I got stuck in traffic heading towards Little Moreton Hall, but managed to get there just after lunch time. Little Moreton House is a moated half-timber house that was built in the 17th century. Interestingly, the bottom floor walls are bowing due to the weight of the glass that was used to create the top floor gallery. It was a very curious place to visit, as each side of the house was decorated slightly differently, the black and white panelling forming different patterns from all four aspects. 

Sudbury Hall was a bit of an after-thought and I got there just before closing time. There wasn't a great deal to see - it had a museum of childhood that I wasn't too interested in - but it was a point of interest on my way towards where I was staying the night.