I left Lyon in the early morning, making it to Vienne quite early in the morning. It was Bastille Day in France, the national holiday.
Vienne was a major Roman centre in France, and there is evidence of it everywhere, from the great Roman Temple to an outdoor amphitheatre. After looking around the lovely old town, I stopped and watched people setting up the parade that was happening that day, from police everywhere, to people in funny uniforms and costumes. 

The next stop was to find a baguette on the way down to Provence. I saw signs for Roussillon, which was on my list of places to go to, but which didn't quite seem in the right place to where I thought it was. I parked and had a walk around the medieval wall, realising that I was indeed in a different Roussillon to the one I'd thought. Nevertheless, I did buy a baguette, and town was quite nice too. 

I kept driving South to a place called Valence. The Bastille Day parade had closed off some of the roads, meaning that I had to follow the detour signs (with my GPS telling me to turn the way that was closed). However, it started looking a bit repetitive and I realised I was driving around in circles. So I tried the detour again. On the third time, I programmed the GPS to take me to a service station outside of Valence, so I could get out of the city!! 

Once out of there, I started driving toward Provence, and it got sunnier and warmer the further south I headed....