Woodcraft kits: when Australian Geographic launches a new range of woodcraft kits. I was tasked with designing a cover sheet to make products look similar, but avoid looking age-specific. Using the images supplied, I was inspired by fairytales to design these illustrative cover sheets, yet kept the colour to a minimum to ensure they still appealed to adults. 

Glitter, Volcano and Jellyfish Lamps: these were part of a series of gadgets being ranged for Christmas 2014. The packaging had to be generic enough to suit a range of different products, but work together on a store shelf. My solution was to design these simple CMYK-inspired boxes with bold type and large, brightly coloured product images.

Puzzling Planet: The original packaging for this product was black with dark imagery. This appealed more to our adult customer, rather than the age range for which it was intended. Using a ribbon design and vintage styling, I created a punchy, vibrant package, which resulted in a lift in sales. I also added in an educational aspect, writing "Did You Know" facts around the outside of the boxes. 

Australian Geographic telescopes: a new range of branded telescopes were launched in 2013. These are a step above the simple kids telescopes, with the 150EQ being a more mature scope. The packaging therefore had to appeal to teenagers and adults, as well as looking striking when bulk-stacked on the shop floor.