On my third day on Naxos, I decided to go to the beach. 

In Australia, this means lugging all your crap with you - umbrellas, chairs, food, drinks, etc etc. In Greece, however, you can rent out a lounger with an umbrella, you have waiters coming up to you and bringing you food and drink and it is altogether so civilised and enjoyable. I've never enjoyed the beach so much! Plus the water was crystal clear, flat, warm(ish) and it was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experiences I've ever had! I caught the bus from a stop a short walk from my hotel and went to the Agios Prokopios beach. 

I stayed at the beach from about 9:30 until about 2, when I headed back to Naxos town. I had to pack up again, as I was leaving on an early morning ferry to Paros. After re-packing (including fitting my new gourd into my little suitcase!), I went back to the Castro area for another walk around and to say goodbye. I would really miss Naxos, as it was such a chilled out island with lots of interesting places and people. 

At dinner time, I stopped in to a restaurant to have a chicken souvlaki for dinner - my first of the trip!