I bought cheap Ryanair tickets from London to Barcelona for January. Silly me, though, didn't look at where the airport was – naughty Ryanair had labelled the airport Barcelona (Reus) and little did I know that this was actually about an hour's drive away from Barcelona itself. So the night before I was frantically trying to come up with a solution on how to get from Reus to Barcelona that wouldn't involve a whole lot of money. Seemed there were two options – a bus, and a bus to a train. 

It turned out that I was not the only one to make this mistake; unfortunately it must happen to Ryanair passengers more than once a day, which makes me a bit sad, they should label it differently. So there was six of us were standing around at the airport trying to work out what bus to catch. We kept asking drivers but they couldn't speak English or didn't want to, and the information boards were useless. In the end, a cabbie who was looking for work and who spotted us lost tourists from miles off came up and talked to us. He could take us all to Barcelona for €30 each. Since it looked like we were pretty stranded, we took him up on the offer. While we were driving, I booked a return flight from Barcelona airport so I didn't have to make my way back to Reus – my cheap flight no longer seemed that cheap with the added taxi fare! 

I managed to make it to my Airbnb, which was a really lovely place. I went to the supermarket and bought some food to cook myself dinner... I was too worn out to go out for dinner. Then had an early night. 

The next morning I went exploring Barcelona. I covered off heaps of the city in the first day, so this is only the first part.

I started off at the cathedral, then wandered over to La Sagrada. So I've seen a lot of churches in my time, as you might know. This one was not a favourite, but was definitely quirky and interesting. I would prefer an older church though, this one seemed built more for tourists than for religious purposes (although it should be said that I am not religious, but I like things to be genuine).