I arrived at Montpoupon a bit before 10am to a few puzzled looks from the gardeners that were pottering around the outside of the chateau. It didn't open until 10 and no one else was there so I wandered around until then, before buying my ticket and going in. I'd only decided to go to Montpoupon after looking at the Chateaux of the Loire map I picked up from a tourist information centre. It looked interesting and was close enough to other chateaux to warrant a poke around. 

I was therefore unprepared for how much I loved this chateau. I loved the styling of the rooms, the details on the ceilings, and the information about the rooms and family. I loved that it felt like the family had just popped out. And I loved that it was a hunting lodge and so was full of really quirky, interesting things. Not to mention, there were about 100 Hermes scarves there - some had been sewn together to create wall art. Who has enough money to buy so many just to make an artwork?! It was by far my favourite chateau of this trip.