After relaxing and having lunch in Brantôme, I drove about an hour to Angoulême. This amazing city is built all up on a hill, where all the lovely old town buildings are. I first drove in and found a parking station quite easily. It was, however, pitch dark in there, and I didn't know if it actually was open or not. There were very few cars in there (it was a Sunday after all), and I got out after parking but didn't feel safe leaving the camper there. So I went in search of another station. Except, however, I managed to take a wrong turn and ended up in the narrow little roads at the top of the old town hill. Cue panic. Thankfully, a nice man must have noticed the girl in the English camper with a look of horror on her face because he pointed me in the right direction. Scary. So I gave up going to Angoulême and will have to do that another time.

Back on the normal roads, I headed onwards to Chateau de la Rochefoucauld. And again I had parking woes - there was a Renaissance fair on right next to the castle and all these people were walking around in fancy dress! I managed to find a spot quite a way off, but I prefer to park and walk than drive around forever, and went to the chateau. This one was not overly touristy, and I joined one of their not-very-regular tours of the libraries. The tour was in French but I joined just to see the more hidden parts of the chateau! The chateau was so very lovely as you can see below, I'm so glad I went. I then drove to Mansle and spent the night there.