I went to Chateau des Milandes because it looked pretty, but I loved it because of the previous owner. She was a black woman by the name of Josephine Baker, who I'd never heard of before. She was a French actress, singer and entertainer in the 1920's and 30's. She was a superstar, being the first African American to star in a major movie, performing in Europe and the US, playing a big part in the Civil Rights Movement (she was the only woman to march alongside Martin Luther King in 1963), and she also was awarded a military medal by Charles de Gaulle! As if this wasn't enough, she adopted 12 children from all over the world, and formed her "rainbow tribe". 

So needless to say, I very much enjoyed her chateau. She had some quirky tastes, particularly with the bathrooms, but unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos inside. 

While I was there, they also had a birds of prey demonstration on, with lots of owls and eagles flying about, which was fun to see!