I stayed overnight in a campsite that cost me €6.50. It was basic and the owner knew no English at all but it was such a nice, out-of-the-way site. Apparently there were cyclone warnings for that night (or he was being very dramatic with his hand gestures!). 

The next day I went to Carcassonne, which was the only day out of the whole month I was travelling that it rained. I had had such good weather that I didn't really mind a cooler day. When I first got to Carcassonne, I was really lost. I'd driven in and parked in what I now know what the "new" side, and couldn't for the life of me find the "old" town. It seemed really silly that I couldn't find it - it's a giant walled castle on a hill! But I couldn't see it because of all the buildings. I did finally find a tourist information place and the right direction - turns out that if i'd come out from the parking station, turned around and walked a few steps, I would have seen it. Oh well... silly me!

When I finally did venture out, the sight of it was just incredible. It's a real knock-out... these beautiful medieval buildings and a giant wall surrounding all manner of shops and restaurants and houses. Definitely a must-see, even in the rain.