My drive from Saint-Remy to Avignon was not without its drama. As I was driving towards Avignon, for some reason my camper kept shorting out. Like while I was driving, not just when I was stationary. This was happening on main roads, which was completely terrifying. With nowhere to stop and reprogram my GPS, I just kept driving, hoping the shorting out would stop if I kept going while the GPS lady kept yelling at me! No such luck. Frantic, I finally managed to find a big car park, drove in and parked under a tree. 

At this point, I'd been driving around for about an hour while it was shorting out and I was panicking. Thankfully (oh and I am very very thankful), the carpark I'd managed to stop in was in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, right next to the tourist information centre... knowing some of the place I had gone to, it could have happened in the middle of nowhere!! They did not, however, have wifi which was annoying, but the lady there told me to walk up to a cafe up the road to use their wifi. Again, thankfully, the young man in the cafe was really helpful, spoke English, and they had good wifi for me to call the mechanic on (the entire time I was in France, I had no phone reception). RAC was great, they worked out where I was and sent a mechanic out. The mechanic diagnosed a bad battery and I drove the camper onto the back of the pickup and went with him to their depot to get a new one. A few hours later, we were good. I drove to the campground that the mechanic suggested (he even called them and booked a spot for me), where I promptly bought a bottle of wine. What an afternoon. 

The next morning, I drove to Avignon and used their park-and-ride system. I went right in the middle of the annual festival so it was very busy, but everyone was so cheerful and it had such a good vibe.