Many people and guidebooks had told me to go to "Les Baux" so this was my next stop. But first, sunflowers! Ahh I couldn't help but smile every time I drove past their sunny faces! 

When I got to Les-Baux, it was early afternoon and PACKED. I mean, people were parking a km away and walking there up hills in the burning heat. I lucked out and got a park right at the top just as I drove past - winner! However, as you can see below, I have one photo from the town - when I say it was packed, it was just full to the brim with tourists and the town was not big enough to find quiet areas away from them. I spent about an hour there, then decided to leave. Good thing too, as I had forgotten to pay for parking, and there were parking guards all over!! Dodged that fine!

It might have been nice in the early morning or evening, but Les Baux had lost its shine among all the tourists (looking at wiki, apparently Le Baux has 1.5 million tourists per year and only 22 residents. Crazy). 

The Post Tenebras Lux Window surmounted by the inscription: Post tenebras lux 1571 (After darkness, light 1571).

However, driving away from the town, I had the best views of the Alpilles, the rocky range situated nearby. It was awesome - so moonlike in the landscape, unlike anything I'd seen before! 

I drove on to Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where I stayed the night.