I started the 15th July early in a beautiful part of the world called Vaison-la-Romaine. The town is divided into two sections by a river and joined with an ancient bridge apparently from the 1st Century. One side is the upper city and the other the lower city - as the name suggests, the upper city goes up a hill and is quite steep, while the lower side is the much flatter surrounds of the hill.

There are a lot of Roman ruins on the lower city, but I didn't go to these. Instead, I spent half a day wandering around the upper medieval city, climbing all the way to the ruined chateau on top.

I drove from Vaison-la-Romaine to the charming little village of Séguret. Also built on a hill, it was quite steep. There was also the remains of a chateau right on top of this hill, which I of course decided to climb. Halfway up in the heat of the day, I almost gave up. I kept going and had a great view over Provence, though there were too many trees in the way for good photographs!