Finally, I'd made it to Provence. You could see the difference - the landscape was wilder, it seemed hotter, sunnier and bluer than anywhere I'd been so far. My first real "wow" moment occurred driving down the D541. It was lovely and hilly and I was staring wide-eyed out of the windscreen when I rounded a corner and saw a castle on a hill. Of course I had to stop. 

I'd found the little village of Grignan, complete with a church and chateau, which was carved out of the stone of the hill. They were having a brocante at the entrance to the town, so I spent some time looking at all the lovely antiques I couldn't possibly take home, before setting out for the castle. It was beautiful, and from the top you could see all the way to Mont Ventoux, where the Tour de France was on today - just missed it! 

Next it was time to think about finding a place to stay. I was having difficulties with my camping book vs my GPS - camping book said a particular campsite was somewhere on this road, but the GPS couldn't find it. In the end, I just set the GPS for the road, and hoped for the best. On the way, I passed my first lavender field and sunflower field which was VERY exciting!

I found a campsite in the end, after running into the Tour de France caravan coming back from the mountains. The campsite was on a vineyard, and the owner couldn't speak any English. Thankfully, I'd turned up at the same time as this lovely German couple who could speak a bit of French and a bit of English, so we sorted it out, then shared a bottle of wine! What a lovely night.