Bergheim is a charming medieval city on the Alsace wine route. As well as the coloured wooden 16th century houses and pretty church, it's definitely a great spot to visit as it has a very interesting history too.

Bergheim is surrounded by vineyards but also a great stone wall and ramparts dating to the Middle Ages. It is also known as "the town of the witches" after its history of sorcery trials between 1582 and 1683, sending around 40 women to the stake. Also in the 16th and 17th centuries, Bergheim gave people the right to sanctuary for anyone being pursued for debt, unpremeditated or excusable crimes.... 744 people sought refuge in Bergheim!! For a little village, it certainly had a lot going on! 

It was also delightfully tourist-free, which made for a nice few hours wandering.