After driving the Route Touristique du Champagne for a few hours, I thought it was about time I stopped ignoring my GPS and head to Reims (pronounced kind of like "rance" but with a back-of-your-throat "r"). Plus, it was lunchtime and the kilo of apricots I was eating while driving wasn't quite cutting it! 

Reims was remarkably easy to drive around, and I found parking pretty easily (thankfully!). After grabbing some lunch (salad with fried potato slices, bacon bits and a fried egg, yum!) I went to explore Reims. The main attractions are either the cathedral or the many champagne houses around. After hitting the cathedral, I went in search of the Taittinger house, as they didn't require bookings (unfortunately you can't just rock up to Veuve Clicquot, my favourite). I highly recommend the tour, as it was so interesting. Yes you got a glass of champagne at the end, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed learning how they make champagne as well. 

I spent the night just outside of Reims in a place called Val-de-Vesle. Such a lovely day!