After my morning in the Vatican, I stopped off at L'Insalata Ricca for a bit of lunch. I then scoped out the situation at St Peter's Square, deeming it too busy to go into the basilica at that time, so walked to Palazzo Altemps, picked up some gelato then kept on to the Pantheon. Next stop was Poggi, the art store, where I could have bought up the entire shop, then Altare della Patria, then I skirted around the outside of the Roman Forum and all the way up to the Trevi fountain. 

From there was the Quirinal Palace and some other bits and pieces along the way before going back to the Colosseum, then picked up some dinner and went back to my Airbnb. I wasn't feeling the best that day - I think I'd walked too far, drunk too little water, was dehydrated and all that had caused a migraine. So I prescribed myself an early(ish) night so that I might be renewed for the next days adventures!