Vienna was a great place to go over Easter - all of the museums were open, it was warm and spring-like (but not too many tourists yet), and churches were made interesting with the smoky remains of Easter services. Below are my highlights... you will notice that Schönbrunn did not make the list. This is merely because I can't remember what it looked like inside. I'm sure it was lovely but without being able to take photos, easily forgotten. 

1. Opera house tour

I highly recommend this tour - it only cost €7.50 and was so worth it for both the information and the place itself! 

2. Globe museum

I wanted all of them. A truly amazing museum! 

3. Seeing Gustav Klimt's work up close

The Kiss, but particularly this one... I loved seeing his intricate paint daubs and gold patterns


4. State Hall

I am a sucker for old books

5. Karlplatz

And blue skies. But mostly Karlplatz, the gorgeous Art Nouveau metro station