Just going to start off with.... a weekend in Venice is not long enough. And if you go in winter, take wellies with you. It was definitely less crowded in winter - I've been told summer is horrendous - but it was both flooding and raining when I was there, literally putting a dampener on my visit. 

Oh but boy was it a glorious place. It was so beautiful and photogenic at every angle, and I could feel the history of it everywhere. That said, I don't know how people live there - you have to walk everywhere and its such a maze! But getting lost was part of the fun of my weekend. These are my highlights: 


The most beautiful church I've been into. It was breath-taking. Not many tourists seemed to be here - they were all missing out! 


I love doors. My instagram feed is littered with them from London. But Venice was a whole different kettle of fish - I could have taken enough photos of doors to fill a book. Here are just a few of my favourites


The ceilings of the Doge Palace and all the Palazzo's I visited were just glorious. They were spectacularly gold, or lovely frescoes and just added to the grandiosity of the buildings


I had seen this place online, and when I was in Venice I realised how hard it was to find anything (it's like a maze!). But I was just walking around and happened to walk past a street leading up to this - imagine my surprise! It really is gorgeous 


I touched on this on point 1, but the churches of Venice are just so beautiful. I went into every little one that I walked past - some were quite restrained, but most were beautiful masterpieces with artwork by famous Renaissance painters and marble and gold leaf everywhere. Unfortunately, most of them were very dark inside, meaning I didn't get too many photos

I would definitely go back to Venice - it was just amazing. I covered off a lot of places on my weekend, but getting lost a lot meant I didn't see as many as I wanted to! Maybe I'll go again next winter!