Early Sunday morning, I planned to catch the bus and head up to Eze, a village that spirals around a mountain and looks directly out onto the sea.

I got on the bus, bought my ticket and, having not travelled n public transport in Nice yet, I didn't stamp the ticket on the machine. The bus driver didn't tell me to either. Of course, knowing my luck, the gendarme boarded the bus at the very next stop and I was forced off the bus and made to pay a fine. Great start to the morning. After then missing the bus, I had no idea what to do. I caught another bus and it took me halfway there, then I had to wait for ages until the correct bus came. 

After the dramas of the morning, I was very glad to be on the correct bus and was happy that the journey to Eze was everything that it promised - sparkling ocean, sheer cliffs, some of the most spectacular views of Eze as we approached. 

Then I got to Eze and it was absolutely amazing - beautiful old streets with little shops, the botanical garden right on the pinnacle, the glittering ocean....